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Created by 6x Jiu Jitsu World Champion, Romulo Barral, Everyday Porrada was forged on the mats.


"Porrada" is a Brazilian term that loosely translates to "brawling" however, on the mat came to relate to a grappler's intensity during sparring and training.


Perpetual hard rounds and high intensity is what is required for serious competitors to fortify their minds and bodies for world-level competition.


A persistent overcoming of pain, discomfort, and challenges is needed to attain the ultimate reward - which isn't a gold medal - but rather, reaching the fullest potential of one's self.

Having claimed the highest accolades in jiu jitsu multiple times, Romulo has since brought the persevering mindset of "Everyday Porrada" beyond the mat into health, business, and life.

Now a successful businessman, father, coach, and mentor, Romulo is sharing inspirational stories of his and others through the Everyday Porrada Podcast. 

The mission is to inspire and motivate anyone and everyone willing to adopt the #EP mindset.


Work hard, persevere, and overcome.

Every day.




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